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What is Colgate® Wisp®?
Colgate® Wisp® is a single-use mini toothbrush with a breath-freshening bead that allows you to have a clean, fresh mouth anywhere, anytime – no water or rinsing required.
How does it work?
The Colgate® Wisp® cleaning bristles and soft pick help remove food and particles from between your teeth. As you brush, a freshening bead dissolves to release a burst of freshness in your mouth.
Why doesn't it need water?
As you brush, the freshening bead releases a breath-freshening liquid that is safe to swallow and leaves you feeling minty fresh.
Will it leave any residue or foam in my mouth?
No. Colgate® Wisp® leaves a fresh, clean flavor without any residue. It is not a foaming formula. When the freshening bead bursts, it releases a liquid that you can swallow for a fresh, clean flavor and cooling sensation.
How big is it?
Colgate® Wisp® is approximately 3.5 inches, which is smaller than an average-sized lip gloss or car key.
Why did Colgate create the Wisp®?
Colgate has a long history of helping people keep their teeth clean and healthy. Colgate® Wisp® is our response to on-the-go cleaning and freshening. Wisp® not only freshens breath, but cleans between teeth and along the gum line to remove food particles and freshen breath. It not only combines cleaning and freshening benefits; it's also portable and discreet.
Can't I just chew gum or suck on a mint?
Gum and mints are known to provide a quick burst of freshness. Colgate® Wisp® is designed for those times you're on-the-go and want to remove particles from between your teeth that can cause bad breath. Since Colgate® Wisp® doesn't require any water to release the freshening ingredients, you can now have a just brushed clean, anytime, anywhere.
How does it compare to brushing with a full-size toothbrush and toothpaste?
It is still necessary to maintain your regular brushing routine with a full-size toothbrush and toothpaste to thoroughly remove plaque and bacteria. Colgate® Wisp® is designed to give a clean mouth feeling and fresh breath when you're on-the-go.
Can I use it more than once?
No. Colgate® Wisp® is designed for a single use. Keep in mind, each pack comes with four brushes, so you can freshen up multiple times throughout the day.
Is it better to brush first and then use the soft pick or vice versa?
Up to you. Either way works.
How much does Colgate® Wisp® cost?
The suggested retail price is $2.39 for a four-pack and $5.49 for a 16-pack.
Where can I buy it?
Colgate® Wisp® is available at mass retailers nationwide. Look for it in the oral care aisle, or buy it online.
How does Wisp® Plus Whitening help whiten teeth?
Wisp® plus Whitening contains a high cleaning silica ingredient that helps teeth whiten by removing surface stains as you brush.
Is Wisp® Plus Whitening available in other flavors?
It is also available in Cinnamint.
Can Colgate Wisp be used by children?
All Colgate products are manufactured in strict adherence to our global safety and quality standards. Colgate Wisp is safe to use by adults and children 4 years of age or older. As with all of our children’s manual toothbrushes, we highly recommend adult supervision while children are brushing their teeth.
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