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Colgate Wisp - Mini-Toothbrush

Brush clean anytime, anywhere with new Colgate Wisp, the pocket sized mini-toothbrush with freshening bead that doesn't require any water!

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Wisp Voted Product of the Year

Wisp has just recently received the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation's Product of the year award for 2010! Click to read the article - The "Product of the Year" Awards: The Grammy's of the Walgreens Scene

How big is Wisp?

Colgate Wisp is just around 3 1/2 inches long and flatter than a normal toothbrush and is the perfect size for a pocket or purse.

How does it Freshen?

Colgate Wisp has a built in freshening bead that releases minty freshness as you brush. The special freshening liquid gives you clean, cool breath with no need for water.

How does it clean?

Clean your mouth two ways using Colgate Wisp. Use the mini brush head on the surface of your teeth. Then, flip it around and use the soft pick at the handle base for the tight spaces between teeth.

Can I use it More than Once?

No, it is not recommended. Colgate Wisp is Designed for a single use. Keep in mind, each pack comes with four brushes, so you can freshen up multiple times through the day.

How much does Wisp cost?

The suggested retail price for Colgate Wisp is $2.39 for a 4-pack and $7.99 for a 16-pack.

Cool Mint plus Whitening

For an icy cool burst of freshness, plus teeth whitening action try Cool Mint plus Whitening.


For a fiery blast of cinnamon flavor, try Cinnamint.


For a classic, clean freshness go with Spearmint


For a cool rush of freshness, go with Peppermint


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