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WISP® on the Scene

Please note this site is best viewed with Flash enabled. WISP® is on the scene and making news wherever it goes. Check out the latest Videos, Blogs and Articles being written about the Colgate Wisp Mini Toothbrush!.

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Quick-Draw Gadget - KipKay Video -August 2009

Watch and learn how to make your own quick draw gadget for the Colgate WISP. Kipkay shows you how to make the Colgate WISP Quick Draw Gadget so you too can be minty fresh without even having to reach into your pocket.

Real Life Twitter - College Humor Original Video -August 2009

What would happen if people stopped twittering and started yelling their status updates aloud? Watch this College Humor video as Dan takes it to the streets. Check out the Wisp shout out...literally!

First Date Do's and Don’t's - Your Tango Video - August 2009

Stay fresh with Colgate WISP. Make your fist date drama-free by following these simple dos and don'ts. Step 1: Watch this video. Step 2: Bring your Colgate WISP. You'll move to the head of the class with YourTango's instructional series, Love U.

The Fuplers: True Romanth Video - August 2009

Watch a funny video clip of Kevin and his Colgate WISP. One man. Two wigs. And a family discussion about the night of romance that Kevin has in store for a special young lady, but of course he can't go anywhere without a Colgate WISP.

I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here Video -July 2009

Celebrities on the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity get me out of here" freshen their breath with Colgate Wisp after spending days in the jungle.

Women and their Purses Video -July 2009

Should a man carry a woman's purse for her? Get the male perspective on women's purses on "That's what He said" video

Ridiculous Infomercial for the Colgate Wisp -July 2009

The Colgate Wisp. It does so much more than clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Watch this funny and hilarious video!

Parents - July 2009

Parents "Tickets to Gorgeous" includes Cogate Wisp in their travel friendly products feature. As seens in the July issue of Parents magazine.

Better Homes and Gardens - July 2009

Better Homes and Gardens includes Colgate Wisp as a way to maintain a clean smile every day. As seen in the July issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine! - April 2009

Check out the Elle blog review of Wisp®.

Bachelor Guy - April 2009

Check out the Bachelor Guy blog review of Wisp®.

Passion for Pretty - April 2009

Check out the Passion for Pretty blog review of Wisp®.

Gear Patrol - April 2009

Check out the Gear Patrol blog review of Wisp®.

STL Mommy - April 2009

Check out the STL Mommy blog review of Wisp®.

Drugstore Divas - April 2009

Check out the Drugstore Divas blog review of Wisp®.

Bargain Briana - April 2009

Check out Bargain Briana's blog review of Wisp®.

The Pink Chick - April 2009

Check out The Pink Chick's blog review of Wisp®. - April 2009

Check out the NYMag blog review of Wisp®. - April 2009

Check out W Magazine's blog review of Wisp®.

Lucky magazine-April 2009

Lucky magazine's "Beauty Spy" says Wisp® is a "New Makeup-Bag Essential" and "truly brilliant".

New York Magazine-April 2009

WISP® named as a "Best Bet" and perfect after a business lunch.

Star magazine-April 2009

The "Hot Sheet" calls WISP® a practical alternative to carrying a toothbrush, paste, pick and mouthwash.

Fitness magazine-April2009

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